San Marcello Circle, California

San Marcello Circle, California

San Marcello Circle, California

California is a beautiful land for the romantic people. It is among the largest residential states of United States of America.  There are so many residential places and areas in this state. However, the recognition of San Marcello Circle doesn’t need any introduction. In most of the cases the residential apartments and buildings are given more focus by the people because of the increasing value of property in this state. The San Marcello Circle is a famous residential plot for the people who have a small family. This home is again for sale.

Do you have a small family? There is a home in this area for you. For your information we are providing basic information that can be used to make idea about this home. This information is given below.

  • Most recent trade:                                      $475,000 on 16 Oct, 2012
  • Position of building:                                  Sold
  • Numbers of bedrooms:                                            Three
  • Numbers of bathrooms:                              Two
  • Home type:                                                   Solo Family Residential
  • Size of home:                                               1,095 sqft
  • Lot size:                                                          6,426 sqft
  • Value by sqft:                                               $434 per sqft
  • Year of construction:                                   1955
  • Present school in close proximity:             Buena Terra Elementary School
  • Zip code:                                                         90620

This home was sold in past just for 443,339 US dollars on 16 April 2012. Before this sale 145,000 US dollars were the price of this home dated 14 March 1997.

So this is all about the San Marcello Circle, California. People who want to spend a great time with the family members are suggested to check the given information in order to buy this home. Firstly, you have to be prepared to see the location. In order to see the location you can take the services of our property agents. We are providing dependable services in this field.

For the excellent housing or residential planning it will be better to focus on the San Marcello Circle. This will be a great opportunity to give a pleasant surprise to your family members. In three bedrooms you can easily adjust your children. The attached bathrooms allow the residents to make a separate guest room for the guests and other persons. Don’t forget to see the lounge and kitchen of this home. It will be a great pleasure to see the big garage in a side. The lawn of this home is enough to provide you a good mind changing condition. Definitely, your beloved ones will enjoy all these conditions and facilities in the heart of California. Don’t be late because there are many eyes dreaming for the San Marcello Circle, California. It will be better to try deals for this excellent residential place.

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