San francisco silycon valley

Silycon Valley that is present in the southern region of famous American area San Francisco is situated near by the Bay Area in North of California. This region has many specialties. The name of this valley was derived from the famous Santa Clara Valley. The most important fact about this valley is the silycon. In fact, there are no reserves of silycon in this valley but it is famous because of other reasons. There are numerous companies and working groups having experience and name in technology based working. The Silycon Valley is considered the most important area in United States of America because of the largest companies manufacturing silycon chips. It means the valley is in fact a technology valley where you can get the technology items.

Among the most famous technology based items the silicon chips, microcomputers, microchips, silicon circuits and microprocessors are very famous. All these items are linked with this valley. Now you can get the understanding about the origin of name and derivation. For the readers it will be an interesting fact that this valley was named just because of the microprocessors. Is it interesting for you? Definitely, it will be very interesting. Would you like to get more about San francisco silycon valley? People who want to collect more interesting facts and features of this valley are suggested to visit the Stanford University. This university is present in the heart of this area. On the other hand, the silycon valley is famous because of the military and radio technology. As mentioned in start this valley has recognition in the world just because of the technologies so it will be informative to keep the military and radio inventions originated in this valley.   Recently, the status of this valley was accepted by the international community.

It is a big fact that silycon valley San Francisco has played an important role to give us numerous useful items. By keeping the history of this valley the government has established Stanford industrial park in silycon valley. This industrial park is famous for the new technologies and inventions. You might notice that there are numerous inventions related to hardware technology. Now we will tell you about the software development and progress in this area. Because of the working companies and trends the silycon valley is famous for the software development. Get the ideal technologies useful for the common life and comfort.

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